Stocking Fillers (PT One)

My eyes are drooping, slowly at first before taking on momentum until they are shut. I jump myself to consciousness not wanting to miss the arrive of Father Christmas. My parents let me wake them up when he’s arrived to open my stocking in their company as I destroy the paper with relish discovering what hides inside. Mr Christmas would always come just after my parents had gone to bed for some reason. Strange.

I’m sure most of us have some variation of my story. I was probably spoiled. Most children, I’d imagine, are made to wait till their parents get up but alas, I was an only child. Still am now I think about it. Stockings an indispensable part of the festive season and I’m here to help you find the perfect sustainable gifts to put in them.

First up we have Agnes + Cat’s soap-on-a-rope (£6.99) and Two Bath Fizzers (£3.99). They come in a variety of flavours ranging from a very sweet Fresh Citrus flavour to a more bitter Coffee & Walnut fragrance. I can assure you that they are close by as I write and I’m currently experiencing nasal heaven.

The Hoylake Pantry offers a fantastic range of ethically made soaps that would be perfect for stockings such as the bestselling Alter/Native and Friendly soaps. The Pantry have also recently got Faith in Nature’s new bar soap that is a blast of citrusy freshness.

Many say Christmas is for the kids. I’m not so sure. However, for those of you who prescribe to this notion Sharon and Eleanor are offering you an alternative to horrible plastic wrapped chocolate and toys in the form of a Playin Choc (£3.25). Its like a kinder egg, containing allergen friendly chocolate and a small toy but without the horrible plastic.

An aspect of Christmas that I love is the general sense of positivity. An attitude that has been brought into disrepute by the upcoming general election on the 12th December. Remember to vote people. I can picture the arguments around the dinner table come Christmas day.

However, a small way to restore some positivity into your festive period is with The Happy News (£3.50). A newspaper that specialises in good news around the world. They are released quarterly and are a great way to block out the grey sludge that is modern media. Imagine a loved one discovering this little bit of happiness in their stocking.

For those of you who want a zero waste start to 2020 why not get your loved ones a zero waste starter kit (£13.99) that will fit in snugly at the base of their stocking. The starter kit contains a bamboo straw, coconut scourer, Friendly shampoo bar, Alternative soap, bamboo face cloth and bamboo toothbrush. Phew, did you get all that?

I hope I helped you in your quest for eco-friendly stocking fillers. See you again next week. Yours festively

Chris Waite (George Bailey’s guardian angel Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life)

P.S. Did you know Brits will end up throwing away 108 million metres of non-recyclable wrapping paper over Christmas. This year, make a change and buy recyclable wrapping paper from The Hoylake Pantry. They offer the classic brown roll (lovely with a string bow). There are also floral printed wrapping paper, choose from green and gold or black and gold. In the build up for Christmas The Hoylake Pantry will be releasing a hand printed wrapping paper to give you more sustainable choices than ever before!

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