Socks and Deccies!

This week is a bit of a longer one for you lucky souls. I’ve combined sock week with decoration week. Enjoy!

To paraphrase Frank Sinatra, socks and Christmas go together like a horse and carriage. At least thats what I think he sang? It is strange though, what age does to a person and their perception of presents. When I was eight I’d have viewed them with mild rage, how dare you Auntie, Uncle, whoever, tease me with a beautiful presented gift to only reveal socks. Where are the toys Karen, where are the toys Robbie?!

Now, a good pair set of socks is a welcomed gift, ‘that’ll sort me out for another year.’ I think as I look over my small mound of gifts. Usually digging into a small plate of Christmas dinner leftovers and waiting for the big hitting Special on TV. On a side note, who can’t wait for the Gavin and Stacy special?

Fortunately our Christmas angels Sharon and Eleanor over at The Hoylake Pantry have a wide variety of ethically sourced socks to keep all your friends and family warm.

Thought, based in North London, are a fashion company who specialise in environmentally sound clothing. The Pantry stocks a fantastic range of their bamboo socks. Not only does using bamboo reduce the harmful affects of fashion its also super soft on your skin. So like me you can glide round in your day to day life feeling the snug hug on your feet.

Thought’s socks (£4.95) come in a fantastic range of patterns and colours. From cyclists to nature lovers. From polkadot enthusiasts to cat enthusiasts they have all bases covered. For an extra £1.04 (£5.99) you can get a pair of socks in a small gift bag. This makes the present look extra fancy which will no doubt give you gift points (if you play those sort of games with your siblings or cousins). ‘Oh darling, you shouldn’t have! These look faaaaar too posh for the likes of me.’ They’ll say as they internally curse your existence.

Another option are the wonderful Solmate socks. These homely little numbers are perfect for the winter months. Solmate themselves describe them as being ‘full of love and warmth and character’ and they are made from recycled organic cotton.

These socks do not perfectly match so it saves you the time that it takes for the socks to invariably lose each other. One regular customer at The Pantry states that their pair has lasted over twelve years.

They come in adult (£12.50), child and baby sizes (both £10.50). The child come with a spare while the baby is two pairs and a spare. They also offer fingerless gloves, hats and scarves. Talking of scarves, we also have a brilliant infinity scarf (£22) from Jane Gordon. A local maker and seamstress Jane is supplying the Pantry with these elegant numbers perfect for your loved ones this Christmas. She has actually created their display heads herself.

My parents would insist on putting the decorations up on the twelve of December, they’d come down gain on the fifth of January as to encompass the entire festive period. These days, and I suspect some always have, people often put their decorations up a lot earlier. Last year I put mine up on the first and will do again this time around. I’ve even sighted a few decorations in people’s windows as early as the forth of November.

The Hoylake Pantry is awash with festive cheer and as such have ordered in a fantastic range of eco-friendly and fair-trade decorations.

I’m sure many of you local to Hoylake will know John Hall a cornerstone in village life and parent/grandparent to Sharon and Eleanor. He is also a brilliant creative who has graced us with his wonderful greeting cards. This year, exploding with Christmas cheer, he has created wonderful homemade decorations (£2) perfect for your sustainably sourced tree.

The Pantry is also stocking Shared Earth’s brilliant fair-trade baubles and decorative birds (£2.95). I’ve purchased two for my own tree this year. These floral decorations will give you house a traditional aura.

Do you like avocados? Do you also love Christmas? Well why not get a felt festive avocado for your tree? These felt decorations (£4.95) are fair-trade. Their range includes blessed avocados and unicorns to the more traditional Father Christmas and reindeers.

Namaste wooden decorations (£2.95) are another great option for your tree. Made in India these wonderful pieces come in reindeer and star form with a lovely festive pattern covering them. Thank you for reading this week but before I go The Hoylake Pantry has ordered in these fantastic sari stockings made in Nepal (£4.95). They have a fantastic floral pattern that will look at home on any mantlepiece. They could have ordered it in a few weeks ago for stocking filler week but there you go.

Yours Festively,

Chris Waite (The Reindeer from Jingle All The Way)

P.S. Did you know Brits will end up throwing away 108 million metres of non-recyclable wrapping paper over Christmas. This year, make a change and buy recyclable wrapping paper from The Hoylake Pantry. They offer the classic brown roll (lovely with a string bow).

There are also floral printed wrapping paper, choose from green and gold or black and gold. In the build up for Christmas The Hoylake Pantry will be releasing a hand printed wrapping paper to give you more sustainable choices than ever before!

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