Christmas Food

Can you taste it yet? Can you smell it? I can. Its all around us, in our shops, our advertising breaks, our newspapers. Only the worst sort of individual would not feel it, only a Scrooge could feel no joy whatsoever. In other words, my Dad (sorry Dad). I’m back again this week and I have a whole host of tasty goodies from The Hoylake Pantry with me so get your palates ready!

First up is one for all you unorganised people out there - fruit cake mix. This wonderful mixture is perfect for Christmas Cake. If like me you hadn't thought about the festive season until last week you probably hadn't thought about this traditional dish. I know you should give it about three months but two months should be fine. Go for it I say. Just don't drink all the alcohol before it can touch the cake.

Keeping on a baking theme the Pantry also has ginger, raisins, figs, and cranberries for all waiting to be weighed out for your festive pudding ideas! There is even ethically sourced and packaged Dove Flour to fulfil your needs.

For those of you who lead a meat and/or dairy free diet or simply want to cut down on your consumption there is a wonderful Nut Roast Mix begging to be on your Christmas table this year.

For me, a vital part of Christmas is becoming obscenely full with confectionary while stuck between an uncle and a cousin watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Grandad in the corner dozing away after one too many sherrys and Mum showing great resolve not to bring up politics with a slightly bigoted member of the extended family.

The only issue is the amount of waste a box of Celebrations or two metres of Toblerone produce. Fear not dear readers! This year is a chance for change. The Pantry has pre prepared jars of treats ready for a Christmas party or stocking filler.

There is a huge range, chocolate raisins (a personal favourite), chocolate peanuts, yoghurt covered peanuts, yoghurt covered dried banana (to die for!). Ready for the festive season our Pantry stars Sharon and Eleanor have also prepared specials for the season - delightful jars of pick and mix for the young and young at heart, a stupendous mixed jar of crystallised ginger and dark chocolate ginger. finally for all you with a more savoury taste (and presumedly better teeth) a mixed nut jar.

Another issue with Christmas is the amount of leftovers we have. They all get wrapped up in ridiculous amounts of tinfoil and clingfilm. Well this year, for all your leftovers you can use Mary Makes’ Beeswax food wrap. Its a perfect alternative to tinfoil and clingfilm which ends up in the bin after being used only once. With the beeswax food wrap you simply wash and reuse again and again.

Mary Makes is actually doing a workshop at The Pantry on Tuesday 12th November and Tuesday 10th December. A glass of fizz is included in sessions. Find your tickets here:

See you next week!

Chris Waite (Will Ferrell in 2004’s Elf)

P.S. Did you know Brits will end up throwing away 108 million metres of non-recyclable wrapping paper over Christmas. This year, make a change and buy recyclable wrapping paper from The Hoylake Pantry. They offer the classic brown roll (lovely with a string bow). There are also floral printed wrapping paper, choose from green and gold or black and gold. In the build up for Christmas The Hoylake Pantry will be releasing a hand printed wrapping paper to give you more sustainable choices than ever before!

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